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On CLIPS In November, 2012


WRECK-IT RALPH animated movie


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Wreck-It Ralph (the voice of John C. Reilly) is the villain in the arcade game of hero Fix-It Felix, Jr. (Jack McBrayer). Longing to be the good guy, Ralph heads out on a quest across the arcade through other video games to prove he has what it takes to be a hero. Along the way, he meets the rugged Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch) in the action game "Hero's Duty" and misfit Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman) in the candy-coated cart racing game "Sugar Rush". A threat to the arcade is unleashed and it's up to Ralph, with a little help from his new friends, to save the day. "Wreck-It Ralph" is an inventive and outrageously funny animated treat for all ages. This is a pleasant surprise that comes out of the Walt Disney Animation Studios: an innovative concept that should have been created by Pixar. It wasn't a surprise to find Pixar genius John Lasseter listed as executive producer. Under his guidance, director Rich Moore (television's "The Simpsons") delivers one of the year's best animated features. Laced with humor and inside jokes, it's difficult to catch them all the first time around. But the lovable and quirky characters may be worth a second visit. The entire voice cast, led by John C. Reilly, is perfect. Alan Tudyk takes top honors as the voice of King Candy, the ruler of Sugar Rush. He sounds a lot like Ed Wynn's Mad Hatter from "Alice in Wonderland". This is a good thing, since most of the action takes place inside the sugary game where Vanellope is a "glitch" who's trapped there. Hard-core gamers may be upset at the long stay in this land, but it's necessary to the plot. Fear not, there are many cameos of classic video game characters to entertain the audience. Once again, 3D enhances the colorful landscapes - but isn't needed to enjoy this magical adventure. As an added bonus, the delightful cartoon short "Paperman" (also in 3D) accompanies the main feature. Just in time for awards season, "Wreck-It Ralph" should be a player in the game.   

Making its Blu-ray/DVD debut on March 5, 2013, "Wreck-It Ralph" dazzles with a flawless video and audio presentation in both 2D and 3D. The only way to get the 3D version is in the Ultimate Collector's Edition 4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack. Loaded with extras, this edition is worth the retail price. Bonuses include alternate & deleted scenes, video game commercials, behind-the-scenes featurette and more. The biggest bonus treat is the award-winning animated short "Paperman". This mystical romantic tale is also presented in 2D and 3D. While the feature and short are entertaining in any dimension, the 3D experience is visually captivating. On today's televisions, the brightness level surpasses that of the theater screens. The feeling of depth is enhanced in home viewing. Delivering a high definition wonder, Disney has yet another winner.