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Fate leads environmental conscious and inquisitive teenager Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) and disillusioned inventor Frank Walker (George Clooney) on a dangerous journey to a mystical land locked in space and time. As a youth, Walker entered Tomorrowland with the help of a souvenir button he received at the 1964 World's Fair. Now Casey is in possession of one of the buttons and seeks answers about this land and why Frank is reluctant to return there. "Tomorrowland" is an inventive, visually hypnotic cinematic experience. There is much for the mind to take in during its epic 130 minute length, but the ending gets a little muddled. Most of the science will go over the heads of children, but there is plenty of action to compensate. Director Brad Bird ("The Incredibles") fills the screen with wonder. He gets help from a fantastic cast. George Clooney delivers another memorable performance while the energetic Britt Robertson is nearly his match. Hugh Laurie is also good as the enigmatic scientist who appears to be running the futuristic land and Raffey Cassidy is rather mysterious as his never-aging young daughter. Singer Tim McGraw makes a brief appearance as Casey's father. There's a lot going on in the background to please Disney and movie fanatics. None of these surprises will be revealed here. Most of the fun is in the race to get to Tomorrowland, but the pace and plot slow down near the film's uplifting, message-sending end. If "Tomorrowland" is even moderately successful, there just may be a future in more movies about Disneyland's other realms.

The "Tomorrowland" Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD release on 10/13/15 matches the theatrical experience with outstanding picture and sound. But there are also a few extra features that make the journey a bit more magical. A segment with outtakes from a long-lost Disney TV series pilot called "The World of Tomorrow Science Hour" (Futurologist David Nix is the host) is fascinating. Background pieces on the film include "Casting Tomorrowland", "A Great Big Beautiful Scoring Session" and "Remembering the Future: A Personal Journey through Tomorrowland with Brad Bird". An added bonus is the animated short "The Origins of Plus Ultra". Deleted scenes are among other extras. If you missed this creative curiosity in the theater, it's worth a viewing. For Disney fanatics, this edition should be added to your collections. "Tomorrowland" is filled with Walt Disney inspired wonder and imagination.