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by Roger Tennis

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On CLIPS In January, 2012


THE ADVENTURES OF TINTINYoung reporter Tintin (the voice of Jamie Bell) sets out on a treasure hunt with villains in hot pursuit in this animated adventure from Steven Spielberg.

TRIVIA: This movie marks which "first" for director Steven Spielberg?

cameracamera camera      (3 CAMS)        RATED PG

Intrepid young reporter Tintin (the voice of Jamie Bell) buys a model ship that, unknowingly, holds the secret to a hidden treasure. Teaming up with Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis), who is heir to his ancestor's treasure, Tintin sets out on a dangerous search - with the sinister Mr. Sakharine (Daniel Craig) and his band of thugs close behind. "The Adventures Of Tintin" is an action-packed animated adventure that only suffers from too much action. Based on the popular European comic book series by Hergé, director Steven Spielberg brings Tintin to life using the motion capture process that worked so well in "The Polar Express". This is a major improvement over the crude animation style of the early 90s Tintin cartoon series. One side note: producer Peter Jackson convinced Spielberg to use animation instead of live-action when Jackson was called upon to create a CGI version of Tintin's dog Snowy. Unfortunately for adults, the edge-of-your-seat suspense seems to be absent in cartoon form. But kids and older fans will get caught up in the hero's escapades. The action may be too intense for the youngest children. The 3D adds some depth to the two-dimensional characters, yet very little leaps out of the screen at the audience. Working with minimal plot, master storyteller Spielberg manages to evoke memories of Indiana Jones - specifically Young Indiana Jones. Not quite measuring up to the director's treasured masterpieces, "The Adventures Of Tintin" is still an amusing cinematic journey.