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by Roger Tennis

On CLIPS In September, 2010

Michael Ealy and Chris BrownA group of bank robbers are hounded by a detective in this thriller starring Matt Dillon and Michael Ealy.

TRIVIA: Matt Dillon made his big screen debut in what 1979 crime drama?

cameracameracamera (3 CAMS)        RATED PG-13

A high-living, meticulous group of bank robbers takes on one last job before laying low. John (Paul Walker), Gordon (Idris Elba), A.J. (Hayden Christensen) and brothers Jesse (Chris Brown) and Jake (Michael Ealy) are talked into a hasty armored car heist by former team member Ghost (Tip 'T.I.' Harris), who has just been released from prison. Hot on their trail is detective Jack Welles (Matt Dillon). "Takers" is a predictable, action-packed heist flick that's worth a matinee viewing. The chases and gunfights are the highlights of the film. But director John Luessenhop has opted for the close-up shaky cam to cover most of the action, leaving the audience to guess who's doing what to whom. He also injects drama with side trips that include the cop's problems at home and a love triangle involving two of the criminals. Zoe Saldana gets little to do as the pawn between Ghost and Jake. The cast is fine for this genre - especially Matt Dillon, whose role is reversed from 2009's heist-driven "Armored". With nothing new to offer, only the less-discriminating thrill-seekers will be taken with "Takers".


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