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Roger Tennis

CLIPS Lance Reddick from the movie TENNESSEE Interview

by Roger Tennis


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In the movie "Tennessee", Lance Reddick plays Frank, the abusive husband of Krystal (Mariah Carey). Krystal is a waitress at a Texas diner who aspires to be a singer/songwriter. She joins brothers Carter and the ailing Ellis on their way back home to Tennessee.


I recently talked with Lance about the movie. First, I asked how he got involved with the production. Lance mentioned he met producer Lee Daniels at Sundance a few years ago. He originally wanted Lance for the role of Frank in 2005.

 Lance read and liked the script and felt the characters were strong and fascinating. About a year and half later, he got a call out of the blue asking him to do it. Luckily, he was able to take time out of his busy TV schedule, including his roles on "Fringe " and "Lost", to work on the film. Lance Reddick as Frank in the movie TENNESSEE

After watching the movie, I felt the story of Krystal and Frank was more intriguing than the story behind the two brothers. The story of the secondary characters ended abruptly, leaving me wanting to know more about what happened to them. Lance said that more scenes were shot with he and Mariah but were cut from the final print.

There were two camps on whether or not to focus on the supporting characters. To which I said "Obviously, they decided to focus on the brothers lives revolving around the younger brother's illness."

When I asked if he had seen the film, Lance told me he saw it twice, including once at the Tribeca Film Festival. He was satisfied with the final product.

From what I have seen so far this year, this movie has the possibility of grabbing a couple of supporting actor nominations. So it's puzzling to me that they choose this time of year to release a movie like this. It is sure to get lost in the summer shuffle. Lance was surprised and mentioned the producers thought they have a chance to get Mariah's song nominated.

I asked Lance for a few thoughts on Mariah's acting, since I felt that her acting was not the problem with the poorly-received "Glitter." Lance said he has not seen "Glitter" but he felt that she gave strong performances in both "Tennessee" and the upcoming "Precious."

Before the end of the interview, I had to ask him about the television series "Fringe." "With J. J. Abrams knack for time shifting and alternate worlds, I expected the cast of "Fringe" to turn up in the "Star Trek" movie," I said.

Lance told me he's a Trekkie who met Abrams on the set of the movie and got to sit in the captain's chair. He's now hoping to be in Abrams' next "Star Trek" movie.

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