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Rog's All-time Favorites


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DVD is Rog's home video format of choice, rated from 1 to 5 - with five being the best. This page lists some of Rog's  recommendations, but as he always says, "even some bad movies take on a new life in DVD form". For the highest quality Digital Video Disc, go the Blu-ray way.


OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL - Widescreen (with full screen opening sequence), Rated PG, Running time: Approx. 130 min. ****
A small-time magician (James Franco) is transported to a fantasy land where three witches test his abilities. See full review here.

WRECK-IT RALPH - Widescreen, Rated PG, Running time:  Approx. 101 min. ****
Video game villain Wreck-It Ralph (the voice of John C. Reilly), on a quest to become a hero, brings havoc to the arcade in this animated adventure. See full review here.


20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA - Widescreen, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 127 min.*****
Jules Verne's classic tale of Captain Nemo and his submarine Nautilus.  There are many screen versions, this is absolutely the best!  Disney has come up with a fantastic 2-disc, special edition DVD.  Stars: Kirk Douglas and James Mason.  EXTRA FEATURES:  featurettes, audio commentaries, rare archival footage, animated short "Grand Canyonscope" - the short that accompanied the film's original theatrical release and much, much more.

BAMBI - Fullscreen (Original Aspect Ratio) Special Edition, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 70 min.*****
The story of the life of a young deer.  Brilliant restoration of a timeless classic.  The Prince Of The Forest becomes the new King Of Home Video.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Documentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes, games, the award-winning cartoon short "The Old Mill" and much more.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST:  SPECIAL EDITION - Widescreen, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 90 min., *****
Animated classic fairytale of Belle's romance with an enchanted beast.  Belongs in every video collection.  A worthy follow-up to Disney's "Snow White" DVD.  Stars voices of:  Robbie Benson, Paige O'Hara and Angela Lansbury.  EXTRA FEATURES:  2 disc set, 3 versions of the movie, music video, behind-the-scenes footage, games, virtual art galleries and much, much more.

THE BODYGUARD - Widescreen Special Edition, Rated R, Running Time:  Approx. 129 min.*****
A bodyguard falls in love with his superstar client, who is the target of a killer.  I will always love this movie.  Stars:  Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Making of documentary, music video and theatrical trailer.

CELLULAR - Widescreen, Rated PG-13, Running Time:  Approx. 95 min.****
A frantic call from a kidnap victim puts a teenager in a race against time.  A fast-paced, overlooked, popcorn thriller. William H. Macy's character deserves a TV series. My guilty pleasure movie of 2004 - an easy call to make. Stars:  Kim Basinger, Chris Evans and William H. Macy.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Deleted/alternate scenes, three featurettes, commentaries and more.

CHICAGO - Separate Full-screen and Widescreen editions, Rated PG-13, Running Time:  Approx. 113 min.****
The popular Broadway musical about an infamous Chicago murder trial hits the big screen in a big way.  A DVD that is sure to razzle-dazzle you.  Stars:  Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Richard Gere and Queen Latifah.  EXTRA FEATURES:  deleted musical number "Class", behind-the-scenes featurette, and director and screenwriter commentary.

CINDERELLA - Fullscreen (Original Aspect Ratio) Special Edition, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 76 min., *****
A maiden gets her prince in Walt Disney's version of the classic fairy tale.  A stunning restoration and a perfect fit for Disney collectors.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Documentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes, games, trailers, and much more.

CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND - Widescreen, Rated R, Running Time:  Approx. 114 min.*****
The life and questionable times of TV producer Chuck Barris.  A brilliant film directed by George Clooney that certainly won't get gonged!  Sam Rockwell won the 2002 Best Actor award from the Phoenix Film Critics Society.  Stars:  Sam Rockwell, George Clooney and Drew Barrymore.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Deleted scenes, commentaries, behind-the-scenes, "Gong Show" acts, a Chuck Barris documentary and more.

DARBY O'GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE -Full Frame (original theatrical aspect ratio), Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 91 min.*****
An Irish storyteller recounts his adventures with the leprechauns.  This is THE Pot O'Gold for Disney collectors and fans!  Stars:  Albert Sharpe, Sean Connery and Janet Munro.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Featurettes and a rare Disney TV episode - "I Captured The King Of The Leprechauns".

ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN - Widescreen, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 97 min. ****
A brother and sister with magical powers are mysteriously drawn to Witch Mountain.  An out-of-this-world Disney adventure.  Stars:  Eddie Albert, Ray Milland, Ike Eisenmann and Kim Richards.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Cartoon:  "Pluto's Dream House", audio commentaries, featurettes and much more.

FINDING NEMO - Includes both Widescreen and Full-Frame versions, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 100 min.*****
A clownfish frantically searches the ocean for his missing son.  A fantastic fish-out-of-water story and truly one of the best animated films of all time.  Stars voices of:  Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres.  EXTRA FEATURES:  2 discs, "Making Nemo" documentary, filmmakers commentaries, virtual aquarium, Pixar short "Knick Knack", "Exploring The Reef" with Jean-Michel Cousteau, games and much more.

GANGS OF NEW YORK - Widescreen, Rated R, Running Time:  Approx. 167 min.****
Martin Scorsese's epic tale of immigrants fighting for a better life in New York City.  A must-see for Daniel Day-Lewis' performance as Bill The Butcher.  Stars:  Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis and Cameron Diaz.  EXTRA FEATURES:  2 discs, feature commentary with Scorsese, music video, Discovery Channel show "Uncovering The Real Gangs Of New York", exploring the set with multi-angle, study guide, trailers and much more.

A HARD DAY'S NIGHT - Widescreen, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 87 min., *****
A day in the life of the Beatles.  A masterpiece. A must-own for fans.  Stars: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.  EXTRA FEATURES:  2 disc set, featurettes, interviews, many hours of rare and new material. 

HOLES - Separate Widescreen and Fullscreen editions, Rated PG, Running Time:  Approx. 117 min.*****
Young Stanley Yelnats is sent to a detention camp where he and the other inmates must dig holes every day to keep the warden happy.  "Holesome" entertainment!  It's one of the best films of 2003.  Stars:  Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight and Shia LaBeouf.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Commentaries, gag reel, deleted scenes, a featurette, behind-the-scenes tour, music video and more.

THE INCREDIBLES - Two separate editions:  Widescreen and Fullscreen, Rated PG, Running Time:  Approx. 115 min.****
Living a suburban life, a family of superheroes comes out of retirement to battle evil.  Simply incredible!  Featuring the voices of:  Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter and Samuel L. Jackson.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Deleted scenes, bloopers, featurettes, commentaries, a brand-new cartoon short "Jack-Jack Attack", the award-nominated short "Boundin' " and lots more.

A LAWLESS STREET - Widescreen, Not rated, Running time:  Approx. 77 min., ****
Marshal Calem Ware cleans up a western town and gets his wife back.  A first-rate high noon salute!  Stars:  Randolph Scott and Angela Lansbury.  Nice transfer but no extra features.

LILO & STITCH - Widescreen, Rated PG, Running Time:  Approx. 85 min. ****
A lonely little Hawaiian girl gets a new pet, a renegade space alien.  A delightful Disney animated feature with plenty of Elvis tunes.  A treat for young and old alike.  Can't help falling in love with Lilo and Stitch. EXTRA FEATURES:  featurettes, game, deleted scenes and music video.

THE LION KING - Platinum 2-Disc Special Edition, Widescreen, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 90 min.*****
The circle of life of Simba from lion cub to king.  A royal masterpiece!  A "must" for Disney collectors.  EXTRA FEATURES:  2 versions of the movie:  the original release and a special version with the all-new song "Morning Report", deleted scenes, music videos, games, behind-the-scenes features and much, much more.

THE LOVE BUG - Widescreen, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 108 min.****
Herbie, the enchanted car, changes the life of a race car driver.  Magical family film that led to theatrical sequels and a TV series.  Stars:  Dean Jones, Michele Lee and Buddy Hackett.  EXTRA FEATURES:  2 discs, deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes features, animated cartoon short "Susie - The Little Blue Coupe" and more.

THE MANY ADVENTURES OF WINNIE THE POOH - Fullscreen Edition, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 74 min., ****
Captivating feature-length compilation of the first three theatrical Pooh shorts.  This is the 25th Anniversary Edition.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Featurettes, games, sing-along song, Carly Simon music video, animated short "A Day For Eeyore" and much more.

MONSTERS, INC. - Widescreen and Fullscreen, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 93 min.,*****
A little girl invades the monster world, causing havoc.  A monster hit and deserving of it.  Stars voices of :  John Goodman and Billy Crystal.  EXTRA FEATURES:  2 disc collectors' edition, all-new animated "Mike's New Car", the award-winning short "For The Birds", commentaries, featurettes, outtakes, games and much more.

OLD YELLER - Widescreen Edition, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 84 min., *****
A stray dog protects a frontier family.  One of the best family films of all time.  Stars:  Dorothy McGuire, Fess Parker and Tommy Kirk.  EXTRA FEATURES:  On 2 discs, featurettes, audio commentaries, production archives, cartoon short "Bone Trouble" and much more.

THE OTHERS - Widescreen Edition, Rated PG-13, Running Time:  Approx. 104 min., ****
A woman who lives in a darkened old house with her two photosensitive children becomes convinced that her family home is haunted. Positively chilling, made my top ten picks for 2001.  Stars:  Nicole Kidman.  EXTRA FEATURES:  On 2 discs, documentary, featurettes, trailer, still gallery and much more.

THE PARENT TRAP - Widescreen Edition, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 129 min., *****
Separated twins plot to reunite their divorced parents.  A classic with double the fun.  Stars:  Hayley Mills, Maureen O'Hara and Brian Keith.  EXTRA FEATURES:  On 2 discs, featurettes, audio commentaries, production archives, cartoon short "Donald's Double Trouble" and much more.

PETER PAN (PLATINUM EDITION) - Fullscreen, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 77 min.*****
The adventures of the Darling children in Never Land with Peter Pan.  This beautifully restored, high-flying, spirited classic is among Disney's finest.  EXTRA FEATURES:  2-disc edition that includes deleted songs, an alternate opening, a documentary "In Walt's Words", the 1952 featurette "The Peter Pan Story", games, music video and loads of extras. 

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:  THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL - Widescreen, Rated PG-13, Running Time:  Approx. 143 min.*****
Roguish pirate Captain Jack Sparrow chases cursed pirates around the Caribbean in search of treasure.  The best ride of the year!  Stars:  Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Two-disc set, audio commentaries, 19 deleted and alternate scenes, several featurettes, blooper reel, "Walt Disney's Wonderful World Of Color" episode about the park attraction and much more.

POLLYANNA - Widescreen Edition, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 134 min., ****
An orphan girl brings happiness to a small town.  Prime Disney and the reason why Hayley Mills won a special Oscar.  Stars:  Hayley Mills and Jane Wyman.  EXTRA FEATURES:  On 2 discs, featurettes, audio commentaries, production archives, cartoon short "Nifty Nineties" and lots more.

THE RESCUERS - Widescreen, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 76 min.****
Two brave mice set out to rescue a kidnapped orphan girl.  A classic from the Disney studios.  Beautifully restored on the DVD, that also features the award-winning True-Life Adventure "Water Birds" and the Silly Symphony classic "Three Blind Mouseketeers".  OTHER EXTRA FEATURES:  games, sing-along music video, never-before-revealed and rare animation art, music and behind-the-scenes secrets.

RIDING SHOTGUN - Fullscreen, Not Rated, Running Time:  Approx. 74 min.****
A man seeks to clear his name after being falsely accused of robbing a stagecoach.  A fast-paced Randolph Scott western with a good cast that includes Wayne Morris and Charles Buchinsky (Bronson).  EXTRA FEATURES:  two more Randolph Scott westerns - THE MAN BEHIND THE GUN and THUNDER OVER THE PLAINS.  A fantastic triple feature.

THE SANTA CLAUSE:  SPECIAL EDITION - Widescreen (full frame edition also available), Rated PG, Running Time:  Approx. 97 min., *****
When divorced father Scott Calvin tries on Santa's suit, he becomes the new Santa Claus.  A bright, cheerful, inventive holiday classic.  Stars:  Tim Allen.  EXTRA FEATURES:  featurettes, a game, DVD-ROM features and more.

SANTA CLAUSE 2 - Two separate versions (Widescreen or Full-Frame), Rated G, Running Time: Approx. 104 min.****
In this whimsical sequel, Scott Calvin must marry by Christmas Eve in order to remain Santa Claus.  A very merry Christmas movie.  Stars:  Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold, and Wendy Crewson.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Featurettes, gag reel, seven deleted scenes, director commentary, music video and more.

SLEEPING BEAUTY - Fullscreen and widescreen, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 75 min. *****
Classic fairy tale about a sleeping princess who can only be awakened by the kiss of a prince.  The last fairy tale animated feature personally supervised by Walt Disney is a beauty!  EXTRA FEATURES:  2-disc special edition includes games, music videos, a sing-along song, Disney art project, making-of documentary, award-winning short "Grand Canyon" and lots more.

SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON - Widescreen Edition, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 126 min., ****
Shipwrecked family survives on a tropical island.  The definitive screen version of the literary classic.  Stars:  John Mills, Dorothy McGuire and James MacArthur.  EXTRA FEATURES:  On 2 discs, featurettes, audio commentaries, production archives, cartoon short "Sea Salts" and more.

A magical history of the Disney Studio through several "behind-the-scenes" films and television shows.  Includes the 1941 feature "The Reluctant Dragon".  Priceless for collectors and fans of anything Disney.  EXTRA FEATURES:  2 disc set, theatrical shorts about the Studio, several TV episodes, storyboards, galleries, etc.

WALT DISNEY TREASURES:  THE COMPLETE GOOFY - Running Time - Approx. 5 hrs., 26 min. *****
A compilation of Goofy's theatrical shorts from "Goofy and Wilbur" (1939) to "Aquamania" (1961).  Hilarious!  These moments from Walt's goofiest character are indeed a rare treasure.  EXTRA FEATURES:  2 disc set, featurettes, publicity stills and drawings, and much more.

WALT DISNEY TREASURES:  MICKEY MOUSE IN BLACK AND WHITE - Running Time - Approx. 4 hrs., 16 min. *****
Mickey's first cartoon shorts, from "Steamboat Willie" (1928) to "Mickey's Service Station" (1935), are presented in their original black and white.  A wondrous collection that shows why Mickey is the world's most beloved character.  EXTRA FEATURES:  2 disc set, featurettes, video and poster galleries and more.

WALT DISNEY TREASURES WAVE 3:  THE CHRONOLOGICAL DONALD - Full frame, Unrated, Running Time:  Approx. 275 min.*****
A 2-disc compilation of 36 Donald Duck shorts from "The Wise Little Hen" in 1934 to "Chef Donald" in 1941.  This delightful set is all it's "quacked" up to be.  EXTRA FEATURES:  A tribute to Donald's voice - Clarence "Ducky" Nash, publicity stills, storyboards and art galleries and more.

WALT DISNEY TREASURES WAVE 3:  MICKEY MOUSE IN LIVING COLOR - Full frame, Unrated, Running Time:  Approx. 345 min.*****
A 2-disc celebration of Mickey Mouse's color cartoon shorts from "Society Dog Show" in 1939 to "The Simple Things" in 1953.  Includes his feature film appearances.  This treasure contains a wealth of material for fans of "The Mouse".  EXTRA FEATURES:  Interviews with the voices of Mickey and Minnie, Disneyland TV shows, rare Mickey Mouse Club color titles and lots more.

WALT DISNEY TREASURES WAVE 3:  WALT DISNEY ON THE FRONT LINES - Full frame, Unrated, Running Time:  Approx. 210 min.*****
A 2-disc set of rare and historic WWII-themed Disney productions.  Declassified military training films, animated shorts and the theatrical feature "Victory Through Air Power" are included as part of Walt's efforts on behalf of the War.  A must for all collectors that certainly takes flight.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Behind-the-scenes, poster galleries, art galleries, an uncompleted  "The Gremlins" gallery and hours more.

WALT DISNEY TREASURES WAVE 3:  WALT DISNEY'S TOMORROWLAND - Full frame, Unrated, Running Time:  Approx. 240 min.*****
A 2-disc exploration of the future through Walt Disney's imagination.  Includes episodes from the Disneyland TV series and the theatrical short "Eyes In Outer Space".  An out-of-this-world DVD set.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Interview with Ray Bradbury, a look at Walt's last project "EPCOT", publicity materials, futuristic production art, storyboards and more.

WALT DISNEY TREASURES WAVE 5:  THE CHRONOLOGICAL DONALD, VOL. 2 - Fullscreen, Not rated, Running time:  Approx. 3 hrs. 50 min.,*****
Donald Duck's cartoon shorts from 1942 - 1946.  Some of Donald's best work, including the award-winning "Der Fuehrer's Face", is thrown in. Hard to duck! EXTRA FEATURES:  Interviews, featurettes, the Disneyland TV episode "A Day In The Life Of Donald Duck" and more.

WALT DISNEY TREASURES WAVE 5:  DISNEY RARITIES, CELEBRATED SHORTS 1920s - 1960s - Original  theatrical aspect ratios, Not rated, Running time:  Approx. 5 hrs. 26 min., *****
A compilation of Walt Disney's shorts that didn't star his main characters.  Gems include his "Alice" comedies and two of my personal favorites:  "Ben And Me" and "The Brave Engineer".  Rare Indeed!!  EXTRA FEATURES:  Featurettes, commentaries, still frame galleries and much more.

WALT DISNEY'S TRUE-LIFE ADVENTURES, Vol. 1-4 - Fullscreen, (US) Not Rated, Running Times are varied.*****
The wonders of nature are captured in four 2-disc sets that feature Disney's entire true-life adventure series.  Included are such award winners as "The Living Desert", "The Vanishing Prairie" and "White Wilderness".  Also in the collection is the rare fantasy "Perri", the amazing live-action story of the life-cycle of a squirrel from the author of "Bambi", Felix Salten.  As usual, the restorations of the feature films and the shorts are remarkable.  Each set is a "must-own" for collectors.  EXTRA FEATURES:  extensive documentaries, trailers, intros by Roy E. Disney, filmmakers' journals and behind-the-scenes materials.

WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT - Full Screen and Widescreen, Rated PG, Running Time:  Approx. 104 min. *****
A detective reluctantly tries to prove a toon is innocent of murder.  A breakthrough movie that's a true classic.  This two disc DVD is the best in Disney's VISTA Series.  Stars:  Bob Hoskins and Christopher Lloyd.  EXTRA FEATURES:  featurettes, commentaries, all three Roger Rabbit theatrical shorts, and much more.


FORBIDDEN PLANET -  Fullscreen and Widescreen, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 98 min., *****
A rescue mission to planet Altair-IV spells danger for the crew.  Stars:  Walter Pidgeon, Leslie Nielsen, and Anne Francis.  EXTRA FEATURES:  theatrical trailer and French and Spanish subtitles.

THE LONE RANGER -  Fullscreen and Widescreen, Not Rated, Running Time:  Approx. 87 min., *****
The Lone Ranger and Tonto try to stop an Indian war. The first big screen version of the TV series.  Stars:  Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Interviews with Dawn Moore (Clayton's daughter) and Michael Ansara, theatrical trailers, bios, photo gallery, 2 disc set.

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN - Widescreen Edition, Not Rated, Running Time:  Approx. 128 min., *****
Seven gunmen are hired to protect a Mexican village from bandits.  Stars:  Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Documentary, theatrical trailers, photo gallery, and audio commentary from James Coburn, Eli Wallach, producer Walter Mirisch and more.

THE SEVENTH VOYAGE OF SINBAD - Widescreen Edition, Rated G, Running Time:  Approx. 88 min., *****
Sinbad battles an evil magician and monsters to rescue his beloved princess. Stars:  Kerwin Mathews and Kathryn Grant.  EXTRA FEATURES:  Featurettes, trailers, talent files, production notes, Ray Harryhausen Chronicles, interviews and more.

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